Announcements 15 April 2018

1.     This Tuesday, 17 April, we gather for our Easter General Vestry in Saint Matthew Parish Hall at 8:30 pm.  We invite all parishioners to join us for this occasion during which we appoint parish representatives for the year to come.

2.    Schull Community College is sponsoring a coffee morning for senior citizens in the Schull Sailing Centre, sponsored by on Thursday from 10-11 am.  There will be coffee, tea, and scones available on the morning at no cost.  All senior citizens are welcome to attend.

3.    There is no Thursday Morning service this week, rather we have a memorial Service in thanksgiving for the life of Derek Hare at 4 pm in Saint Matthias Church in Ballydehob.  Please join us in remembering Derek and supporting his family, who will arrive from England this week.

4.    With the May 8th Abortion Referendum approaching, next Sunday, after both services, Elaine Wolfe, wife of Jason will share her own testimony on the sanctity of life, for all who would like to remain for a few minutes.


Sunday School recommenced on in October last year and is held the second and third weeks of every month until summer.

On behalf of our Sunday School teachers, Sharon Wolfe and David Hayward, I am appealing especially to parishioners who have been Garda-vetted and to secondary students, but also to those who are parents, grandparents, current or former teachers or anyone willing to become garda-vetted through the parish in order to support Sunday School and other children’s events.  I wonder if you’d be willing to help occasionally as a Sunday School “second,” which is simply a background support for whomever is teaching. At the very least, you would sit in a corner and monitor the lesson for the purpose of child safety and protection. At the most, you might be called upon to provide an extra pair of hands during a craft, stand watch outside the hall door for toilet breaks, or offer encouragement should any child need a bit of help. Towards this end, we would like to put together a rota for “seconds.” With a grand total of 14 Sundays to cover, the more volunteers, the less frequently anyone would need to repeat, unless, of course, you are interested in becoming a regular member of the team. Below is a list of the dates for this school year. Could you please let me know if  you would be willing to help Sharon or David out? And if you are not yet garda-vetted through the parish, but interested in doing so, please contact me.

8 April
15 April
13 May
20 May

Mothers' Union: 
On Saturday 28 April the Local Chapters of the Mother’s Union in Schull, Ballydehob & Skibbereen are hosting the Annual Diocesan Mothers’ Union Festival Service.  The day will include a Festival Celebration with Holy Communion in Saint Matthias Church, a lunch and an organizational meeting.  We look forward to this wonderful gathering and celebration.  We encourage all Mothers’ Union members to attend on the day, and we invite all those who wish to offer their support to the Mothers’ Union for their wonderful contribution and ministry within the Diocese of Cork, Cloyne and Ross to come and join in the Celebration in Saint Matthias Church on the day.  Times will be announced closer to the day.

We have four children in the Ballydehib Parish Union preparing to confirm their faith with a celebration of their Confirmation happening on Sunday 8 July in a United Service in Saint Matthias Church in Ballydehob at 11 am, when Bishop Paul Colton will preside over the service, confirm our candidates, and bless the renovations in the Church.  Our four confirmation candidates are: Oran Camier, Jack Kent, Edward Richards, and Lisa Sweetnam.  As we meet for discussion, study of the Bible and prayer, we ask that you pray along with them and for them, that their journey of faith might be one that bears fruit in their lives and the lives of those they know.

Saint Matthias National School:
Saint Matthias National School:  We have had a brilliant year thus far at Saint Matthias National School.  The Children meet in Saint Matthias Church each week for an assembly including songs and prayer as well as discussion and some shared laughter.  As we are midway through the Spring term, it it time to think about enrolment for the 2018-2019 school year.  St. Matthias National School provides an environment in which each child is expected and enabled to achieve his/her potential.  Pupils are encouraged to be enquiring and creative, our educational standards are high and the fact that our school is small enables us to engage in investigation and experimentation by the pupils, which might not be possible in a more crowded school situation. Team work and collaboration are encouraged so that pupils learn to work together and to help each other.  Should you be interested in enrolling a child in Saint Matthias National School, please contact the school on, 028 37500 or email:

Saint Matthew's Church has had a refurbishment, see the photo gallery below for an impression of how it went. Grateful thanks in particular to  Bobby, Tommy, Victor and Jim.


Parish Newsletter
If you would like to view our Prish Newsletter online, please click here: April 2017


Children's Services:  Each first Sunday one service in the Ballydehob Union of parishes is especially aimed at Children.  The service usually alternates between the two churches.  In February it will be in Aughadown at Saint Matthew Church and in March, as we celebrate Mothering Sunday, we will look forward to seeing children in all of our services.  You are warmly invited to attend any of these services.  If you have any questions, please contact the rector at the telephone number above.


The West Cork Choral Singers
A mixed choir of some 45 members, under the musical directorship of Diana Llewellyn. The choir holds its weekly practice every Monday night and choir members come from a radius of 40 kilometres and, at last count, comprised eight nationalities. Diversity is the raison d’etre of the choir. The repertoire is a broad one, with a slight bias towards the more sacred rather than the light-hearted. 028 37570 for more info.


Cancer Connect is a brilliant initiative between West Cork Rural Transport and the hospitals in Cork City. A rare occasion of the left hand and the right hand actually working together. People who need radiotherapy have to receive a 10-minute treatment every day for 35 days. This radiotherapy can only be administered in The Regional Hospital in Cork, so a really tiresome daily trek is needed. The West Cork Rural Transport provide a daily mini-bus service from Goleen along the N71 to Cork which is free to any patient requiring this treatment. The really excellent part of this is that the Regional Hospital ensure that any patients from West Cork will receive their treatment between noon and 1pm.

A further service is now in place whereby patients requiring chemotherapy and other cancer treatments can avail of a private car and driver. The drivers of both services are volunteers, and so far more than 300 trips to Cork Hospitals have been provided. If you feel you can help with driving, once a month is all that is needed, please contact Helen on 027 52727. Or if you know of any patients who may find the service of use, please call Helen on 027 52727. The proceeds of the Pancake Day coffee morning were donated to this excellent service.


The Aughadown Church Hall

If you know of anyone who is having a party, family gathering, wedding reception, children’s party, and are looking for a venue, please suggest the Church Hall at Church Cross.  

It comes with a well equipped kitchen; good parking; lots of space outside if you have youngsters wanting to run about and let off steam, and is very reasonable to hire.  

The Aughadown Walking Group meets every Monday and Thursday at 10am at the GAA Community Hall at Church Cross.  All are welcome to join the Group for a walk.  The walk lasts about 40 minutes along local lanes, all of which are fairly flat and sheltered.   It is not a route march, a race or over-strenuous, but an opportunity to get fit and socialise.  There is no charge and for further information please call Brigid O’Brien on 38132.